Weekly Roundup- These 7 Recipes Take Under 30 Minutes to Prepare

by Brandon Mercury on March 2, 2012 · 0 comments

Everyone wants delicious homemade meals every night. But who wants to spend hours slaving over a hot stove to prepare them? Not me, that’s for sure. But rather than resorting to ordering take out, try whipping up one of the fantastic dishes listed below. All are delicious, and take under 30 minutes to prepare.  No matter how busy you are, you can surely take just a half an hour out of your day to prepare a meal for your family.

These are the best easy-to-prepare recipes that we came across from Feb. 27- March 2:

#1- Easy Lunch Recipes


I love these recipes posted by Tamara Wilson at www.Mommyland.com because they are so easy to prepare that you can include your children in the process. I particularly like the fruit and cheese kabobs. The healthy recipe calls for lots of fresh fruit (pineapple, banana, melon, strawberries and peaches) and your kids will love putting the fruit on the skewers.

#2- Simple Roasted Brussels Sprouts


Anyone who can make Brussels Sprouts taste better has my vote of approval. Juliana at www.simplerecipes.me has done just that.  This recipe not only looks tasty and uses fresh ingredients, but it can be prepared in about 30 minutes. Juliana even included pictures of each step in the cooking process to make things as simple as possible.

#3- Easy Crepes


Crepes are delicious, but they are notoriously difficult to make. This recipe posted by Stephanie at www.ourmarriageadventure.com simplifies the process of making crepes. The recipe calls for only 6 ingredients—flours, eggs, milk, water, salt and butter—and the whole cooking process takes only 5 minutes. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

#4- Berry-Avocado Wraps


I love this recipe not only because it takes only a couple of minutes to make, but it is healthy as well. Each wrap is chock-full of fresh ingredients like avocado, mint, chives, romaine and strawberries. And because each wrap contains only 240 calories, you can indulge in two wraps at lunch without having to spend any extra time at the gym that night.

#5- Easy Broccoli Beef


This recipe posted by Kristin at www.iowagirleats.com is a healthy alternative to getting take-out from your local Chinese buffet. Chinese food is usually laden with fat and sodium, but this Asian-style broccoli beef recipe keeps things healthy with low-sodium soy sauce and lean cuts of flank steak.  Kristin even included numerous pictures and in-depth instructions to help the cooking process go as quickly as possible.

#6- Vegetable Bean and Pasta Soup


This unique recipe was posted by Jeanette at www.jeanetteshealthyliving.com. It calls for quite a few ingredients, but is looks simple to make once you get everything assembled. I like that the recipe is flexible and encourages you to experiment.  Instead of using rosemary and thyme to give the soup flavor, try using Italian seasoning or your own favorite herb mix. And instead of using spinach or kale, use your favorite leafy green vegetables to put your own unique twist on the recipe.

#7- Easy Parmesan Rolls


I have mentioned the recipes posted on www.sixsisterstuff.com before, but these parmesan rolls looked so delicious that I had to include them.  The recipe calls for only 3 ingredients—yes, three—and the rolls bake in only under twenty minutes.

Which recipe are you going to try first?

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