Weekly Roundup – These 7 Blogs Will Help You Eat Healthier

by Noah James on March 16, 2012 · 0 comments

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It is difficult to eat healthy, we all know that. From hectic schedules to the affordability and convenience of fast food, there are a million excuses we all use for having poor diets. But now is the time to stop making excuses and finally get healthy.  These articles were posted from March 12-16 and are chock-full of great advice that will make it easier to start eating healthier.

#1 Frugal Food: How to Eat Healthy For Cheap

I realize this blog wasn’t posted this week, but I loved it so much that I had to include it. The post was written by Shannyn, the administrator of www.frugalbeautiful.com. She gives some good advice on eating healthy if you have a busy schedule and a small budget.  Shannyn’s writing style is fun and conversational, which makes this post fun to read. Check it out when you have time.

#2-What Do Healthy Eating and an Elephant Have in Common?

This post written by Adrienne at www.thebettermom.com gives 7 tips for eating healthier. The advice is simple and straightforward, which I love. She even provides a link to a recipe for delicious (but healthy) chocolate chip cookies.

#3-Teaching Kids to Eat Healthy

I understand that getting kids to eat healthy can sometimes feel like pulling teeth—that is why I love the advice given by Chelsea at www.idealshape.com. She gives some great advice (and provides links to helpful resources) for getting kids to eat healthier that I am definitely going to try.

#4- Making Organic Food More Affordable

We all know that some food is full of dangerous chemicals and ingredients that are not healthy for our bodies. But what can we do about it? This article posted by Melissa at www.mosmplans.com gives some great tips on how you can identify (and buy) foods that are free of harmful chemicals. She even gives some advice for finding cheaper organic products.

#5- Eating Healthy

This article posted by Amber at www.amerloveslogan.com is fun and upbeat. She gives tips on what she does to eat healthy and even talks about her experience on the South Beach Diet. On top of that, you’ll find impressive ways to organize your weekly lunches for work that will save you time and money. Got a sweet tooth? Amber does it again and wow’s us with a genius idea to satisfy that afternoon sugar craving without breaking the bank—or the belt. Give it a quick read when you have a chance.

#6- Eating Healthy -Being Hungry

I really enjoyed reading this post written by Cassie at www.mustlovegod.net. She talks about her own experiences trying to eat healthy and what has (and hasn’t) worked for her. She even includes a few low-calorie recipes that look delicious and easy to make.

#7- Eating Right at College

It happens to all of us. We go off to college, eat too much pizza and drink too much booze and end up gaining 15 (or more) pounds during freshman year. Even though these healthy eating tips posted by Riia at riiaeatsright.tumblr.com are intended for college students, many of them are applicable to everyone.  I especially like what she mentioned about finding other social activities that one can enjoy other than eating. She suggests taking a friend and going rollerblading, jogging, or playing tennis instead of going out to a restaurant. This post is definitely worth a quick read.

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