Weekly Roundup – These 7 Blog Posts Will Help You Sleep Better

by Brandon Mercury on February 18, 2012 · 0 comments

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If you are having problems sleeping at night, many areas of your life are probably suffering as a result. Your performance at work could be going downhill, your relationship with your spouse could be suffering, or you may feel too tired to take care of your kids.  Because so many people have sleep issues, we decided to do some research on the topic this week.  Here are the 7 best sleep posts that we came across from February 13-17:

#1- Sleep Better By Taking Vitamin D3


We are all familiar with the traditional cures for sleeplessness.  Things like counting sheep, taking sleeping pills, and drinking warm milk are all considered solutions that can help you sleep better.  But Vitamin D3? Yep, according to this blog posted on www.myzeo.com. The article talks about how recent research suggests that taking 4000-5000UI of Vitamin D3 in the morning can help improve your sleep. Get a better night sleep because of vitamins? I’m on board.

#2- Sleeping Tips for Pregnant Women


Sleep does not come easy when you are pregnant. A big belly, hot flashes, a kicking baby and constant body aches often keep pregnant women awake for hours at night, no matter how exhausted they may be.  This blog posted on www.illsleepwhentheyregrown.com provides some great tips (like changing your sleeping position) that could help you sleep better.

#3- Tips to Prevent You From Snoring


If you are having problems sleeping at night, snoring could be a factor. Research indicates that people who snore excessively are lighter sleepers and wake up more frequently than those who do not. Excessive snoring could even be a sign or sleep apnea, a condition that greatly hampers the quality of sleep.  This blog posted on www.mysleepadvisor.com provides helpful tips that could help you stop snoring, and also help you get a better night sleep in the process.

#4- Sleep Better While Traveling


Many people love to travel, but it can be very tiring. To make matters worse, sleeping on airplanes and in hotels is often uncomfortable.  This blog posted on www.healthytravelblog.com provides many tips that could help you get a better night’s sleep while traveling. I recommend giving this post a quick look if you are a frequent traveler.

#5- Drink Cherry Juice for a Good Night’s Sleep


If you suffer from insomnia, you have probably tried a number of things to get a better night’s sleep. But what if sleeping better was as simple as drinking cherry juice before going to bed? According to a blog recently posted on www.pilladvised.com, new research indicates that people who have two glasses of tart cherry juice everyday sleep longer and deeper than those who do not. Sound far fetched? Check out the post!

#6- Help Your Child Sleep Better


If you are a parent, you know that getting your child to sleep at night can sometimes be a battle. Everything from a change in environment to an illness to consuming too much sugar can cause your child to resist going to bed. This means sleepless nights for not only your child, but you as well.  I love this blog recently posted on www.oplife.org because it provides a lot of helpful advice for getting your child to go to sleep that you probably haven’t heard before.

#7- Depression and Sleep


Many people who suffer from depression report that they also suffer from sleep problems. A lack of sleep (especially if you have depression) can cause irritability, eating issues, and mood swings. This helpful blog posted on www.copewithlife.ca suggests creative solutions that could help people with depression sleep better at night. I suggest reading this post; it provides a lot of helpful information.

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