Tips For Keeping Kids Busy This Summer:Weekly Roundup

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The weather is warming up and your kids are going to be out of school before you know it. While summer does mean that you don’t have to be as strict about bedtime and homeowner, it can be a chore to keep your kids entertained all day long. You might not have the budget to send them to a pricey summer camp, but you still want to keep them from watching television all summer, right? For some quick tips, take a look at these blogs posted this past week. You will find some great advice on keeping your kids busy this summer, planning family vacations, as well as some useful summer safety tips.

#1- My Frugal Adventures

Charlene at suggests making a list of activities you want to do with your kids at the very beginning of the summer. She admits that she is a bit of a procrastinator, so making a list keeps her on track and reminds her daily of activities to do with her kids. Some of the things on Charlene’s “summer fun list” are simple like “go to the zoo” and “go to the famer’s market” and some are a bit more creative like “make homemade fruit snacks.” Check out the list she created, it has some good ideas that you will want to add to your summer to-do list.


#2- Renee-Joy Journey

Renee at wrote a really helpful post on creating a simple summer routine for your kids that will provide them with structure yet still give them the freedom to have fun. She also includes a list of 21 summer activities you can do with your kids that are inexpensive and fun.  This post has a lot of great advice in it, especially if you have young children.


#3- Miss Banana Pants

If you are looking for fun, yet simple activities to do with your kids this summer, check out this blog posted on  The post includes five activities that both you and your children will enjoy. My favorite activity that she suggests is flying kites at the park. It is a simple suggestion, yet something many of us have never done with our kids.


#4- All School Stuff

If the thought of being alone with your kids all day this summer gives you a headache, read this blog post. The post gives detailed, step-by-step instructions on planning fun and entertaining summer activities that your kids will love. The post is extensive and full of great advice.


#5- 3 Boys and a Dog

If your children are a bit older and you want to enjoy the great outdoors with them this summer, check out this blog posted by Kelli at The activities that she suggests are quite adventurous (think kayaking) but she gives some helpful advice on how to introduce your kids to fun outdoor activities.


#6- Sun Country Sports

While summer is a time to let your kids explore and have fun, their safety is still your number one priority, right? Check out this blog for a helpful list of summer safety tips. The list is extensive, and includes information on everything from ensuring the safety of food to preventing dehydration to protecting your kids from bug bites.


#7- Tips for Family Trips

If you are planning on taking a family vacation this summer, check out this blog posted by Allison at She lists 10 locations that are great destinations for family vacations. All of the locations are family-friendly, and all of them are in the continental U.S. so you won’t have to travel very far to get there.

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