Sticking to Your Diet During Vacation

by Noah James on September 30, 2011 · 0 comments

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Sticking to a diet during normal routine is a monumental task. But if you are on a vacation to an exotic location, following your diet can seem almost impossible. After all, vacations are meant to be fun and you should be able to try delicious food. However, nothing is impossible, and that includes following a diet while you are on a vacation. After all, is the vacation or your health more important? Here are some tips to help you stick to your diet and still enjoy yourself on your next trips:

The First Rule- No matter how large the dessert or the entrée is that you are served, the portion size you consume should not be bigger than your fist. But this does not mean that you can enjoy several small portions. Eat just one fist-size portion. That is it. Follow this rule and the majority of your diet issues on vacation can be sorted out and even eliminated.  

Factor in Time Zones –The moment you fly into a different time zone, your body clock is tossed around a little bit. Your body may become confused and not know when you should consume meals. The best option is to follow the new time zone when it comes to eating meals. However, if the time difference is considerable, consult your dietician and decide accordingly. If you do not have a dietician, eating lots of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins when you feel hungry is your best bet.

Always Carry Snacks – Carry high-fiber snacks with you wherever you go. That way, if you feel hungry while sightseeing, you can pull out a snack instead of grabbing something unhealthy at a local bakery or deli. Furthermore, your calorie count will be kept in check as well.

Walk – You are on a vacation to see new things and people, so why not walk around rather than drive around in a car? If you walk instead of renting a car, you can burn calories and save money. And who knows, you might come across something unexpected that the guide books could never tell you.  

Avoid Energy Drinks – Energy drinks might provide you that extra boost of energy, but at the same time you are also consuming a massive amount of calories. Energy drinks are high in sugar content, and as your body digests it, your craving for another one increases. The cycle continues and your calorie intake magnifies. Instead, try low calorie juice, ice-tea, or water.

Avoid Junk Food – No matter how you look at it, junk food and fast food is fattening and unhealthy. You did not travel across the world or country to eat at McDonald’s anyway, did you? Try to stick to healthier choices like energy bars, fruit, salad, or veggies whenever possible.  You can eat as much of these types of foods as you want.  

Limit Alcohol Consumption – Your weakness may crumble here but beer comes with a heavy dose of calories. Just remember, are these drinks more important than your health? No point in walking around sightseeing if you are just going to drink the weight back on.

Do Some Research –Many destinations try to keep the tourist in mind and therefore have low calorie meals and menu items that can be ordered. And luckily, if you are going to some remote location, most likely there will not be a vending machines, chips, and Twinkies in every store and around every corner.  

Keep these tips in mind and stick to your diet, even while you are vacationing. There are no excuses for eating unhealthily, even if you are on vacation. A melon tastes good anywhere. You do not want to look bad in those vacation pictures do you?

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