Top 7 Recipes for Cinco de Mayo: Weekly Roundup

by Brandon Mercury on May 4, 2012 · 0 comments

Even though Cinco de Mayo (May 5) is a holiday commemorating the Mexican army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, it is still celebrated by people all over the world. In America, Cinco de Mayo is a good excuse to get together with friends, drink alcohol and eat some delicious Mexican food.  If you are looking for some ideas of food to serve at your Cinco de Mayo celebration this year, check out these yummy Mexican recipes recently posted by some of our favorite bloggers.

#1- Mexican Chocolate Shots

No Cinco de Mayo celebration is complete without alcohol.  This recipe for Mexican chocolate shots posted by Lisa Huff at is really simple to whip together and looks absolutely delicious. And best of all, each shot has only 100 calories so you can have an extra one without feeling the least bit guilty!

#2- Chilaquiles

Abandon the traditional burrito and go for a lesser-known, but just as delicious Mexican entrée–chilaquiles. Chilaquiles is a traditional dish that is chock full of yummy ingredients like corn chips, grilled chicken, cheese and cilantro. And I love this chilaquiles recipe posted by Mackenzie at  I appreciate the fact that she put her own twist on this traditional recipe and I love the pictures she included. I can’t wait to make this dish!

#3- 25 Excellent Mexican Recipes


Even though Elly’s blog is centered around Greek food, she still regularly posts recipes from other types of cuisine—including Mexican. In honor of Cinco de Mayo, she compiled a list of 25 of her favorite Mexican recipes. My favorite is her chipotle and tomatillo-sauced black bean and spinach enchiladas. These enchiladas look delicious and easy to make, and I like the fact that they are vegetarian.


Hilah Johnson is the creator of, a fun and creative cooking site that features tons of recipes and educational cooking videos.  Hilah recently posted a recipe and video teaching viewers how to make Flan, a Mexican favorite, and a favorite of mine as well.  Flan can be a bit tricky to make, so watching the video is a great idea if you want step-by-step instructions.

#5- Arroz con Pollo


Tory Avey at is a Jewish cuisine enthusiast and is one of the most creative food bloggers out there. Even though Tory is a Jewish cuisine blogger, she regularly updates her blog with Italian, Mexican and even Japanese recipes. The Arroz con Pollo recipe that Tory recently posted is perfect for Cinco de Mayo.  She included detailed instructions and great pictures to make the cooking process go as smoothly as possible.

#6- Grilled Steak Fajitas

It might seem a little strange to have a Mexican recipe on a BBQ cooking blog, but I love this steak fajitas recipe posted by Kevin at  For me, the thing that sets this recipe apart is the marinade. The marinade is a delicious combination of olive oil, chili powder, cumin and jalapeno—the perfect amount of spice to give the steak just the right amount of heat.

#7- Mexican Pizza

Who says that Mexican food has to be fattening? This Mexican pizza recipe posted by Emily at is very diet-friendly with only 200 calories per slice. The recipe does call for a few ingredients that you probably don’t have in your kitchen pantry, so be prepared to take a trip to the grocery store.

Which recipe do you plan to make at your Cinco de Mayo celebration?

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