A Measure of Success with Haley Schultheis: Part II

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Gwyneth Paltrow's children's room fosters creativity with the chalkboard wall.

This is A Measure of Success with Haley Schultheis: Part II.  In this section, she gives us tips on decorating children’s rooms, advice on hiring an interior designer, suggestions for painting walls in your home, places to purchase reasonable furniture, and the best ways to accessorize your home.

IGM: Any tips for decorating kids’ rooms?

Haley: I am all about cultivating the imagination at a young age!  With all of the pressures of school and daily activities, I think it’s very important for a child to have a haven and an escape from reality.  That being said, focus on keeping the walls something more neutral and focusing on the bedding and accessories.

For instance, for a child who loves trips to the beach, have the walls painted a sea blue and find a fun lamp made of fish or seashells!  Look for bedding at places like the Pottery Barn Kids and purchase a fun duvet and complementary pillows. You can also decorate with rugs and fun artwork (maybe even the oil paintings they’ve made- have them framed)! In fact, have a project over a year where you create artwork together, frame, and hang the pieces.

That way, when the child tires of being surrounded by marine life, you can simply change out the duvet and come up with a new theme – like a blue toned floral print or a green and navy plaid for boys!  The bottom line?  Allow them to take part in styling their personal space too.  The process fosters creativity and truly makes the room feel like their own!

Don't be afraid to mix patterns! Photo via 'Black & White (and a bit in between)'

IGM: Do you recommend hiring an interior designer when you move or decide to redecorate your current home? What are projects homeowners can do on their own?

Haley: I think every individual needs to evaluate this question on a case by case basis.  I think if someone feels entirely directionless when it comes to beginning any design process, they can benefit from a consultation with an interior designer.  Though many designers do charge for this initial meeting, it is a great way for you to talk with them about what exactly you are looking for, your budget, etc. After that, you can really evaluate your priorities and your budget.  If you feel that only they will be able to help you attain the final result you are looking for, then save up and hold off on the project.  If they gave you some great ideas and you want to try it on your own, then start small and start reworking a room bit by bit.

Again, I definitely would start with choosing a color palette (you want the rooms in your house to flow) and repainting rooms.  After that, I’d get rid of any pieces you feel you don’t want to hold on to and can’t reuse.  Then, look at what you are left with and work from there.  Maybe, add in a chair to the room that is within your budget and change out the rug. And, then, either save up for your dream sofa or simply keep the one you have and save up for the proposal you received from the interior designer.

And, don’t forget, many interior designers will work with you on a room by room basis.  So, maybe you decorate the bedroom yourself, but then work with them on the family room!

Blue Print- Dallas TX: This blue chair would add the perfect pop of bold color to a room with a neutral palette.

IGM: When painting the walls in your home, what colors go well together? What color palettes do you recommend?

Haley: I am really into sticking with neutral palettes and having fun with accessories and a few bold furniture pieces.  Right now, my home is a mix of blue and gray tones with pops of patterns and bold color.  I love the idea of light gray walls, a charcoal gray sofa, and a bright cobalt blue velvet chair.  You definitely need to add a bit of personality and flair to a space through artwork or fabrics if you do stick with mostly neutral tones.

I do think Celerie Kemble’s new book Black and White and a bit in between is a great buy, because it shows many examples of structuring rooms off neutral tones (like black and white), but still infusing them with character and style.  And, of course, all of the Kelly Wearstler books contain inspiring projects and show ways to really go off the boat with color and pattern – in a good way!  That way, if you get sick of a room, it’s much easier to change the rugs, pillows, and maybe the side chair – rather than the wallpaper, the couch, and everything else.

IGM: What are some good places to purchase inexpensive, but quality pieces of furniture for your home?

Haley: I am all about checking with your local vintage furniture stores, flea markets, and even estate sales.  I think there are so many gorgeous old pieces out there that are often overlooked simply because they need a coat of paint or reupholstered.  I think it’s so much fun to make old new again.  And, at the end of the project, you truly have a one-of-a-kind piece!  Other than that, I’ve purchased several rugs from West Elm and I love scouring for homemade pillows on Etsy.  And, please be sure to check out Furbish – you won’t be disappointed!

Create your own wall collage! Photo copyright: Laura Resen. Design: 'Black & White (and a bit in between)' -Celerie Kemble

IGM: When accessorizing your home, what are some good pieces to purchase?

Haley: 1.) Posters as Art: I love using old vintage posters as art.  Shopping on the Condé Nast store is a favorite activity of mine!  They have so many beautiful vintage covers, photographs, and artwork that are just waiting to be framed! http://www.condenaststore.com/

2.) Graphic Rugs: I also think adding a great graphic rug can add life to a room as well as an oversize mirror.

3.) Wall Collages: I love mixing proportions when it comes to accessorizing a room.  Frame an array of black and white photographs in different sizes and hang them next to an oversize antique mirror (to add depth and light to the space) and you are on the right track to attaining that “perfectly imperfect” perfection!


We’d like to thank Haley for all of the time and thought she put into answering these questions for In Good Measure!  I hope that everyone has enjoyed this week’s Measure of Success.

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