Weekly Roundup- 7 Blog Posts That Will Help You Live Frugally

by Noah James on March 9, 2012 · 0 comments

This week I came across a lot of blog posts that talked about the art of living frugally. Living frugally is not always easy (because most people are more inclined to spend than they are to save) but it can be done with a little advice and a lot of will power.  Here are the best blog posts that we found on living frugally from March 5-9:

#1- How to Balance Frugality with Fun

Dating is a fun and necessary part of life, but it can get quite pricey. From going out to dinner to taking trips together, having a good time often comes at a steep price. That is why I love this article posted by Grace at www.romanticfrugalmom.com.  She gives some inexpensive date ideas and a lot of great advice on how to have fun with your significant other without spending too much.

#2- Frugal Traveler

Travel is rarely cheap.  Plane tickets, hotel rooms and souvenirs can be costly, and these expenses are often enough to deter people from traveling all together.  If you are one of these people, check out this article posted by the Frugal Traveler. It gives some great tips on ways to save money while traveling.

#3- Frugal Friday: Organizing with Reused Items

This article posted by Rebecca at pennypinchinmom.com has some unique organization ideas that I love. She suggests using old items (like old coffee cans or Pringles containers) to organize your jewelry, electronics and utensils. It is definitely worth a look.

#4- 5 Frugal Tips

Kristen at wearethatfamily.com shares some great ideas for saving money in an article that she posted this week. The 5 tips she shares will help you save money on groceries, birthday gifts, and more.  Kristen shares money-saving tips on her blog quite often, so be sure to check back on a regular basis.

#5- Create a No-Fail Environment for Frugal Living

I would definitely consider myself an impulse shopper. I can never resist buying candy at the checkout counter and am probably the only person who actually buys things from door-to-door salesmen. Because of my impulse shopping tendencies, I really love this article posted by Amy at www.amysfinerthings.com.  She gives a number of helpful tips that will help you spend less, save more, and avoid buying things you don’t need.

#6- Fun, Frugal Ways to Enjoy Spring Break

This article posted this week by Amy on www.247moms.com shares some good advice on making spring break fun without spending much money.  I especially like the advice she gives on taking a road trip on a budget.  Give this article a quick read, it is worth the time!

#7- Frugal Living is the Key to Saving

I love what Sara at www.gogingham.com has to say about living frugally.  She suggests “slowing down, living below your means rather beyond them, and getting back to quality living rather than working to pay for your spending habits”. Such simple advice, yet something that we all need to hear once in awhile.

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